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Imagine a world with no internet. In the early 1980's there was really no way for independent bands to reach the ears of listeners, other than the club scene. A small number of bookers controlled what bands were heard and what bands were not heard.

Dogma Probe plugged along in obscurity in the Los Angeles club scene for 6 years. Although very few people actually heard us, we had a great time. The group had a real family feeling. We made noise and had fun doing it.

The name Dogma Probe was not the best possible choice, but there it is. Our three fans more often referred to us as "Probe My Dog", which was fine with us. The two founding women members, singer/songwriter/guitarist Vicki Silbert (me) and drummer Rena, were constant throughout the history of the band, while other players came and went. It was in the final stage of of band's history that our sound finally gelled, with bassist Mike Demers and lead guitarist Ken Ando.

The videos included on this site are from what was very nearly our last show, on 11/15/1986 at the Music Machine, opening for Raszebrae.

Most of the band members continued in music in some form. I recently released a new CD of my solo project Bittybox, and have begun work on a new music project. Rena went to veterinary medicine school, got her degree and created a successful veterinary practice up in Northern California. She also stayed active playing in local bands. Sadly, Rena has passed away much too young due to cancer. Mike Demers continued on with many music projects such as Typhoid Mary, Standard Evangelist Cult, and Death Jazz. Ken Ando plays industrial solo guitar and creates amazing artworks.

Other players of note over the years were Dean Myerson on keyboards, Steve Vitale on bass, Rick Starr on bass, Michael Goodspeed on Mini Korg bass and probably 20 other bass players I can't remember at the moment. Sorry guys, it's been over twently years... drop me a line and I'll add you!!
V. Silly

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